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پایگاه اینترنتی دانشگاه صنعت نفت سامانه جامع آموزش دانشگاه صنعت نفت سامانه جامع کتابخانه دانشگاه صنعت نفت سرویس پست الکترونیک دانشگاه صنعت نفت نشریه تخصصی سامانه اتوماسیون اداری دانشکده نفت تهران سامانه اتوماسیون تغذیه دانشکده نفت تهران سامانه تأمین مدارک علمی دانشگاهی



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About Faculty

Seven years after nationalization of petroleum industry, the petroleum accounting school was established in 1958 to train accountants at BS degree. It was renowned in 1972 as accounting and finance, after the Islamic Revolution in Iran it became one of the faculties of Allame Tabatabaee University. But in 1989 it returned to petroleum industry and finally in 1989 it became one of the faculties of Petroleum University.

Tehran Faculty of Petroleum

The faculty aspires to establish itself as one of the top ten oil & gas business schools in the world as reflected in the published international rankings, by being regionally rooted, nationally influential and globally respected.

Besides, our vision is to be a business school with the highest brand in the Middle East. According to the faculty’s mission, we are committed to delivering a qualified education and research in the fields of business’ economics, management, accounting and law, through such a production teaching environment that is responsive to the country’s oil & gas demands. Currently, the Tehran Faculty of Petroleum trains students in the following courses.


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